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 Hybrid Solar Inverter Nightmare 

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Post Hybrid Solar Inverter Nightmare

I throwing this out there in the hope that some people more knowledgeable than I on this matter can offer some advice. A bit of background information first.

I live in a very rural setting, in a small hamlet of 4 houses. I have been operating from my station comprising of several antennas covering 80-2m bands for some 13 years now, and have enjoyed extremely low noise due to the setting. This however changed dramatically on the 24th of Nov last year when the latest house to be added to the small cluster of dwelling was completed.

When I arrived home from a day out I turned on my radio to find a huge amount of new noise from 7Mhz to well over 30Mhz, characterized by peaks every 30khz with a signal strength of between 9 to 9/15dB. The signals are blank carriers and was led to believe are typical of wave form transformation caused by SWPS or DC Chargers etc. on SSB which I use mostly they are a constant audible tone.

This is typical display of the RFI I see on my scope from 7Mhz to over 30Mhz

To cut a long story short, I contacted OFCOM in late December who then sent an Engineer out at the start of December, and he identified the source as a newly installed Hybrid Solar PV Inverter in the new property next door, which is only 20m from all of my antennas.

Some tests were later carried out in late December, with the Solar Installer to confirm the source, and again today, more tests where done to try and identify the leak path(s) for the RF.

The outcome of the testing today seems to indicate that the DC and AC cables are both conducting RF as the noise dropped to S3 with both Solar strings isolated, and again when ferrites were clipped onto the DC cables the signal was attenuated to S6-7 mark, but only on every second signal peak, suggesting that RF was still leaking via presumably the AC side.

The problem I now have is figuring out what I need to do to mitigate and hopefully eliminate this interference. Currently the level of interference is set to end my radio activities from my property completely, which simply cannot happen. Ofcom seem to have washed their hands of the matter as they say the device complies (This is a whole other thread !!!! I personally feel that the inverter does not comply and they should invertigate but they do not appear to be interested at this time), so it is essentially down to me and the installer to figure this all out.

The inverter is (need I say it) manufactured in China, and is a SunSynk ECCO Hybrid 3.6Kw model. The Solar panels are Clear Line Fusion
335W with 7 panels in each string for a total of 252V and 10.3A per string (so the installer has advised).
From what I can gather from the research I have done so far, I would need to purchase 2 off DC EMC filters and 1 Off AC EMC filter and have these installed by the solar installers. I do not have direct access to the property as I do not know the owners, however they appear to be open to the solar engineers visiting to rectify the issue.

If there is anyone out there that has come across this particular issue before and could offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated. I feel that my case is unique, as I cant find very little help or information regarding this online. In particular I would appreciate if anyone who has experience in solar installation and/or solar RFI issues, could confirm that if I purchased 2 off Schaffner FN2200B-25-33 filters for the DC cables and 1 off Schaffner FN2090LL-30-08 for the AC side, that these would be suitable for the application, to at best eliminate this RFI or a worst attenuate it considerably? I have linked the EMC filters below. Any other alternative Filters anyone could suggest, or even further tests I could try etc. would also be welcome, along with any other helpful comments anyone may have?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for the use of this forum to seek help and discuss this issue.

Best 73's

Tue Jan 16, 2024 2:55 pm
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 Hybrid Solar Inverter Nightmare 
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Post Re: Hybrid Solar Inverter Nightmare

I have seen your 'nightmare' and I have the same problem.

Hopefully your QRZ e mail is correct as I will send you details about this. I presently think at the moment I would prefer to keep it not in the public domain.


Peter G3VNH

details correct on my QRZ.

Tue Jan 23, 2024 5:21 pm
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