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 Street cabinet notching and vdsl 
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Post Street cabinet notching and vdsl
I caught 2 BT open reach chaps working on some wiring 30 metres from the house here..had a natter about dead / defunct phone lines running from telegraph poles here, of which there are plenty..including mine ..we dont have fibre here underground as yet but its coming , a year or more though, still the 60-70 metre long old phonelines are still overhead.. one bt bloke said "they wont be causing any interference as they are dead lines " ! I mentioned re radiation and capacitive coupling and he looked bemused and said he would have a look at the dead lines and see if anything can be done . He and his mate finished the little wiring job in the plastic box under the pavement and scarpered ..maybe busy and its 13: hrs and another job on the cards..

During the short conversation I mentioned notching within the street cabinets ..both knew nothing . I asked them to look into it as I informed them iv read its a posssible quick rewire or a simple switching in process to implement the notching for the Amatuer Bands . Niether knew anything about it.

I was advised to ring in..I did...spoke to a delightfull lady in India who got a few thins done and I had a local engineer ringing me within the hour..he didnt know anything about VDSL or the notching capabilities within the street cabinets but promised to look into it..seemed genuine and helpfull , he said he would call 2 colleagues he had in mind and give me a call back in the week..I mentioned the RSGB for info if he got stuck ...thats the story

Im not up to speed with the notching of whats within the cabinets or vdsl or how it all manifests itself on our Amatuer bands but the racket I endure seems to get worse in many tests iv conducted within close proximity of any of the apparatus, perephirals, they use etc' so just thought i would run it by the people within the organisation /Business that causes all this , what is in effect the ruination of our way of life, hobby if you like , its more than a hobby to many . Its gone on too long and its breaking the laws of the Wireless telegraphy act .

Ofcom have a lot to answer to. 73.

Comments appreciated on the finer points of the subject.

Sat Oct 07, 2023 7:07 pm
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 Street cabinet notching and vdsl 
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Post Re: Street cabinet notching and vdsl
Wiped out 40m and below for me here and creeping up the frequency range as they promise more speed :rolleyes:

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Sun Oct 08, 2023 8:00 am
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 Street cabinet notching and vdsl 
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Post Re: Street cabinet notching and vdsl
To be fair to the BT "grunts" out there keeping our phone lines running, their remit isn't really that entrenched in protecting "hobby radio frequencies".
Their major remit is to get folks land line connections and internet working properly at a decent quality and speed.
I have spoken to a few about ADSL interference problems to our hobby, and got suitably blank looks and shrugs, the problems with our amateur radio service is very low on their training and get stuff running priority list. :)
All they are interested in is if your phone line is effectively working to your landline phone or internet router.

Dave G0BHD.
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Sun Oct 08, 2023 8:22 am
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