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 Dstar communication 

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Post Re: Dstar communication
G0SLV wrote:
2E0JGR wrote:
G0SLV wrote:
I had DStar for ages. Using RF it was completely dead apart from the odd bit here and there on GB3RF.

It would appear it's all on the internet... and that's not radio, so not for me I'm afraid. I flogged the radio.

Why does no one use it over the radio?

Because sometimes RF is a no go from a location due to electrical smog and it's the only thing left that is remotely amateur radio.

Which would explain why SOME never use it via RF, but it doesn't explain the almost total lack of RF based DStar or Fusion... repeaters aside. I just think it's a shame is all. It seems the default position is internet use, not radio.

After all, the description of this forum is "Interested in Digital Radio? General Digital Radio Tips and advice"... Not Internet Radio. DV is just a mode. One that would be interesting is was more widely used over the radio.

I suspect the reason it’s rarely used for simplex - I assume that’s what you mean - is because it’s no more effective than FM, less in fact from my initial tests, and far less effective than SSB.
So why would you use it.



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Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:36 am
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 Dstar communication 
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Post Re: Dstar communication
There may be no increase in range, and you'll lose the signal at the same time.. or, as you pointed out possibly slightly less, but up until that point, there is no increase in noise.

I'm not saying it's brilliant, but it would be an interesting mode to play with once in a while.. if only anyone used it

No.. I meant via radio. Simplex just means one direction at a time. Repeater use is also simplex - you can't receive and transmit at the same time (well... you can, but all you'd hear is your own signal)

The fact is... you rarely hear any DStar traffic over the radio at all where I live. You sometimes hear it on GB3RF... but not very often. There's a Fusion repeater in Blackpool, and one or two nodes, but generally...they're internet linked, and you hear traffic mainly internet based using it.

You rarely hear DV modes being used in genuine, antenna to antenna communication.

DStar, or Fusion, just means internet for most people.

like I said... A shame.


Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:02 pm
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